If you wish to contact the Logandale Residents Board please email the Secretary.

Secretary:          secretary@logandaleestate.com.au

You may also leave your details at the Security Gatehouse and this will be passed onto the relevant Board member.

Current Board Members: (as at January 2019)

Chairperson – Al Ryder

Email: chairperson@logandaleestate.com.au Ph: 0407 173 482

Vice Chair – Shane Osmond

Email: vicechair@logandaleestate.com.au – Ph: 0419 714 774

Secretary – Cassandra Hart

Email: secretary@logandaleestate.com.au Ph: 0407 155 317

Treasurer – Trevor Pfingst

Email: treasurer@logandaleetstate.com.au Ph: 0428 779 755

Security Liaison – Matt Pease

Email: security@logandaleetstate.com.au Ph: 0402 207 695

Director – Terry Clinckett

Email: director.a@logandaleestate.com.au Ph: 0435 934 797

Director – Sonia Marchant

Email: director.b@logandaleestate.com.au  Ph: 0422 865 101

Please Note:

The Logan City Council is responsible for any concerns, within the estate, with roads, kerbside and guttering, dogs and cats, garbage collection, these issues need to be raised with them.

Phone: 3412 3412

You can also visit the Logan City Council website for further information: 

Logan City Council Website